Open thread: What are you wearing right now?

One of the things that’s great about being your own boss is that you really have no one to answer to but yourself. I’m an individual who likes to be outdoors; some of my favorite clothes have rips in them. At any given time and for no good reason I might grow a beard. All of which is to say that, left to my my own devices, I dress casually. I’m more creative and generally happier when dressed in casual attire, despite having spent years in suits and being totally comfortable in them.

Here’s the ironic thing: I worked from home for about 7 years and I found myself happier and more productive the more I dressed up. If I had a big call, or I was fighting through a cold, I put on my finest duds and it helped me feel alert on those days.

In another ironic twist, I feel the opposite way now that FreshBooks has an office. I love being dressed casually, and since I bike to work eight months of the year, it’s awfully practical.

So, what do you wear at work, where is it (home, office, other) and how does it impact the way you feel?

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