Our Customers Love What They Do!

March 5, 2010

If you’ve ever talked to the team here at FreshBooks, you know we’re a happy and energetic bunch. A lot of this comes from the simple fact that we really enjoy what we do for a living. What’s great about working with our customers — freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs — every day is that they share the same love for their work that we do. Running a business takes a ton of work, so you probably wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t love it!

Back in February, we whipped up a little contest for Valentine’s to share some of this inspiring passion, passing the love around using Twitter.  After all, Valentine’s day is about sharing the love, and in this case, the love for our work. We asked people to use Twitter to tell us why they love what they do for a chance to win some nice little Valentine’s Day prizes, given out randomly over the course of the day.  Some of the responses were just so awesome, we wanted to share a few of them with all of you.

Our favorites included:

  • I love being a freelance designer because I can pick up and move to Hawaii
  • I love my gig because I get to do what I love to do every day
  • I love my gig because I get to work at home doing what I love, designing websites and writing, while watching my son grow
  • I love my gig because my morning “commute” takes 15 seconds… except when there’s traffic (kids’ toys in the way)
  • I love my gig today because I could win a prize because I love my gig

It was a fun contest for all of us, and we hope that our winners are enjoying their prizes. If you missed out, stay tuned as we’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate and give away more cool stuff!

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