Our Newest Piece of Office Furniture, a Star Wars Arcade Cabinet

March 22, 2010

While walking to the office Wednesday, I couldn’t help but notice an odd sight on the side of the road: a broken down, original 1983 Star Wars arcade cabinet, preparing for a journey to the dump. Absent a steering wheel (joystick?), it wasn’t “working condition”, but it looked to be in decent shape.

Needless to say, we couldn’t let a piece of arcade history go without a fight. With the power of no less than 7 FreshBookers, we hoisted the cabinet onto a dolly and rolled it the remaining 3 blocks and into our offices. Uphill. On hot coals. Bonus points: we beat some nearby construction workers to the punch, who were eye-ing the cabinet mightily.

Now that it’s sitting snugly beside our foosball table, but what to do with it? The cabinet itself is in good shape, but most of the electronics are completely absent; we’ve got a “could be working” monitor and some speakers to work with, at best. Some folks are thinking complete restoration, while others have more grandiose plans.

What do you guys think? Oh, and does anyone have some spare Star Wars Arcade parts lying around?

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