Podcast Interview of Mike by Eric Mattson

March 28, 2006

Wow. Just got off the phone with Eric Mattson. He interviewed me in a half-hour podcast that I mentioned 10 days ago.

The call was fun. He is a cool guy and I’m totally jazzed. I especially enjoyed the after call when we ended the podcast, but continued a more personal note. Eric has lots to say himself. To me, what he had to say was more interesting than my droning on <grin>. We had a conversation about Eric’s definition of our ever flattening world… where it’s not so much the outsourcing of the work that makes the world flat, but the fact that those who are accessible to anyone, anywhere at anytime – whether the ask comes from high up in the media, or from a blogger – will be the winners.

Eric uses Skype to do his calls and unfortunately Skype cut out half way though our conversation and then the reloaded call’s file was corrupted. So the podcast is missing some interesting aspects. For example, we started to talk about Stories for Blogs which has a community and humanitarian aspect that I am very excited about and which is larger than any one business or person. That said, Eric was kind enough to link to it and I will be sure to ping him once the site is actually up.

Anyway… totally fun! Eric is a pioneer on the frontier of pod casting and media 2.0 (if I can call it that) and it was a treat to spend time with him “on the range” exploring.

Here is a basic program of what we talked about:

-> Intro
-> My bio
-> About BrandMurder.com
-> Why we are doing BrandMurder.com
-> What is Web 2.0 in Mike’s eyes?
-> Synopsis of Brand Murder & mention of the upcoming BrandMurder.com case study
-> The making BrandMurder.com
-> Mesh Conference: the story
-> … call cuts out around here…

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