New & Improved in FreshBooks: Accounts Payable Aging Report, Credits, and More

Always improving! These are FreshBooks' latest product updates for February 2021.

product updates february

The new year has brought with it a group of new product updates. Here’s a look at all the new and improved features that launched in February, built for owners.

Track Vendor Bills With the Accounts Payable Aging Report

The new Accounts Payable Aging Report allows you to see where you stand with your Vendors. It provides a summarized way to see how much you owe each Vendor, and how long your Bills have been outstanding for. Here’s what it looks like:

Accounts Payable Aging Report

More Ways to Use Credits on FreshBooks

Credits allow you to track overpayments, refunds, and discounts for your services. And now you can run a Credit Balance Report to see credit details for clients, automatically apply credits to new invoices, and match existing Credits with bank transactions using bank reconciliation.

Allow Clients to Pay All Outstanding Invoices With One Transaction

When sending an invoice to a Client, they’ll now have the option to pay any outstanding balance owed. This allows your clients to pay multiple invoices at once, and helps you better manage clients by receiving any outstanding payments.

View a Project’s Success With the Profitability Summary Report

See a summary of your project profitability by client using the new Profitability Summary Report. It allows you to get a better sense of which projects are making you money, and which aren’t. Here’s what it looks like:

Profitability Summary

Download Multiple Estimate or Proposal PDFs at Once

You can now select multiple estimates or proposals, and using the Bulk Action option at the top of the page, download them all as PDFs. This saves you time manually downloading each item individually.

FreshBooks Is Here to Help

If you need help getting started with any new features, support is just a click away. Feel free to reach out and the team will give you a hand in no time.

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