Put Down Your Mouse With Hotkeys

January 19, 2007

Hotkeys, I have to say I love them.  They are a great way to speed up your productivity and get work done faster.  I use them all the time on my Window’s machine.  Basic hotkeys that most of you are probably familiar with are:

Ctrl + Alt + Delete = Opens your Windows Task Manager.
Alt + F4 = Closes your current Window.
Alt + Tab = Shifts between your Windows.

Most Applications:
Ctrl + C = Copy, Ctrl + V = Paste, Ctrl + Z = Undo, Ctrl + P = Print,
Ctrl + S = Save, Ctrl + F = Find

Learning new hotkeys is an excellent way to increase productivity, as they are almost always faster then using your mouse and manually performing the operation.  From my experience, you can navigate at least 3-5 times faster by using Hotkeys rather then moving your mouse.  Here are a few less common hotkeys that I recommend:

Windows Button + D: The windows button is the button that looks like this:
Original Source: http://www.ha-lool.co.il/uploads/Gen_32/05042006101229~@~windows%20button.jpg
Press Windows + D will minimize all your windows and bring you to your desktop.  Performing the same action again, will restore your previous configuration.

Windows Button + Shift + M = Maximize all windows.
Alt + Spacebar + X = Maximizes your current window.
Alt + Spacebar + R = Restores your window to its previous form.

For Geeks:
Windows Button + E: Opens Window’s Explorer.  This is a quick way to access system files.
Windows Button + Pause/Break = Opens your System Properties.
Windows Button + R = Opens Window’s Run command.
Windows Button + L = Lock your system.

Feel free to post your personal favourites.

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