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February 19, 2015

You probably know someone — a fellow small business owner, client or contractor that could use a helping hand. Whether it’s a way to stay more organized, advice on how to get paid faster, or just a way to look more professional — you’ve probably run across these people, and now telling them about FreshBooks is more rewarding than ever.

Starting today, when you recommend FreshBooks to others, you’ll get a free month of service and you’ll gift a free month of service to those you invite. Want to know how this more rewarding way to recommend FreshBooks works? Keep reading for details:
### Why Should I Use This?

Recommending FreshBooks to others using your unique recommendation link will earn you one free month of service for every person you invite that gives FreshBooks a whirl. On top of that, the person you invite will also receive an extra free month of service (on top of their already free 30 day trial) when they’re ready to upgrade their account. That’s a win-win.

How Do I Find My Recommendation Link?

This new way to recommend FreshBooks to a friend is already available in your account. To check it out, log into your account. Notice that there’s now a sub-tab button that says “Recommend FreshBooks” as well as a button in the top right menu of your account, as shown below:


Click on either link, and you’ll see a page with all the tools you need to invite others to try FreshBooks – including your unique recommendation link.:


When you want to recommend FreshBooks, choose a method that works best for you – whether through email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also copy your unique link and give it to others when you see them; how you recommend is up to you. Just remember, if you don’t use your unique link, you won’t be able to pass on a free month of FreshBooks to those you invite, and you won’t receive a free month when someone you invite tries it out.

What Happens When I Recommend?

When you click to Recommend FreshBooks by Email you’ll be prompted to compose your invite. Enter the email addresses of those you think could benefit from using FreshBooks – you’ll find that there’s already a subject line and an email body to get your started, but if what’s provided isn’t your cup of tea, you can customize the message and really make it your own.:


When you’re ready, hit Send Email. You’ll see a confirmation that your invite is on its way (and that you’re both on your way to earning free months of FreshBooks).


The next time you access the Recommend FreshBooks page you’ll be able to track your progress. You can see those you’ve invited and how many free months you’ve earned:


What Will The Person I Invite See?

The invitation you send by email will arrive in your friend’s inbox. If you use one of our social links, it will post straight to your network feed. Here’s what the email looks like:

When people you invite click “Tell me more…”, they’ll see a customized landing page with your name on it that provides more information on how FreshBooks can help cure their accounting headache.


How Will Free Months Get Applied?

The free months you earn will automatically be applied to your account. When free months are applied you’ll see a credit on your My Account page. You’ll still be charged regularly for your month of service, but for each free month you’ve earned a refund will be automatically processed for the same amount. You’ll also receive an email confirmation when your free month has been redeemed.

Months redeemed are also tracked on the Recommend FreshBooks page, where you can see how many have been redeemed, how many you’ve earned, and how many spots you still have to fill.

There’s no limit to the number of people you can invite to try FreshBooks, but there is a maximum limit of $39.95/month that can be credited to your account. The current cap on the number of free months that can be earned is six.

For the person you invite – when they decide to upgrade to a paid FreshBooks account – they’ll automatically be reimbursed for their first paid month as well.

I’m A Free User. How Does This Help Me?

If you’re on a free plan you can still earn free months of FreshBooks by recommending it to others. The free months you earn will be banked so that when you outgrow your free account and upgrade to one of the paid plans, they’ll be automatically applied.

By recommending FreshBooks to a friend in need, you can enjoy all the benefits of a paid plan, without having to pay for it.

Rescue Someone Today!

So, if you know someone who could be rescued from doing their accounting the old-fashioned way, login to your FreshBooks account and use this new program to recommend FreshBooks today.

Or, if you want to read even more details regarding this more rewarding way to recommend FreshBooks take a look at the [full program terms and conditions](

As always, if you need a hand along the way or have a question, give us a ring at 1-866-303-6061 or send an email to – FreshBooks Support Rockstars are always eager to help!

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