ReFresh: December 06 Edition

December 18, 2006

It’s time for this month’s edition of ReFresh. Last month, I posted my picks of the five most humorous blog posts. This month I will post the top 5 FreshBooks blog posts with the greatest number of comments. If you are an active Blogger or just starting out, check out the following blog posts and see for yourself why they generated the most feedback.

5th Place:Mac = Designer?” with 16 comments.

“Everyone has their own reasons I guess. Macs are easy to use but not any more easier than Windows XP  . Are Macs really more stable? I’ve heard horror stories from both sides. Are Macs that much faster?”

4th Place:Gathering Data for the Greater Good” with 17 comments.

“We’re going to tell our active users their industry average AND their own average, so they can see how they stack up. “If everyone is getting paid faster than me, why is that and what can I do about it?” Good questions.”

3rd Place:Making the Switch to Electronic Faxes” with 20 comments.

“We run an office and a technology company and I find faxes a pain. They come in and they need to be sorted and stored, so they take up space and paper. I also find maintaining our fax machine a pain.”

2nd Place: “Is PayPal Dropping the Ball?” with 25 comments.

“Until now I had no hard evidence or obvious indicator that this was going to happen, I was just going on my gut instinct.  Today I’m afraid my spidey sense may have been right.”

1st Place: “Up and Running” with 46 comments.

“Ironically, part of our infrastructure (we are Raid 5) was designed so that this kind of maintenance would be seamless. So with the above counsel from our managed hosting provider RackSpace, we elected to proceed with the maintenance. Then trouble and pain set in…”

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