ReFresh: The September 06 Edition

September 15, 2006

Today is the first in a series dedicated to those crazy people who don’t spend every waking moment reading our blog. Here are five great blog posts for small businesses you may have missed.

Streamline Your Collections
“As a follow up to a post I wrote about dealing with larger customers, once again Jim Logan in his Cash Flow Blog has some good suggestions for composing a good collection letter.”

Generate more referrals for your business
“Earlier this week Michael spoke with John Jantsch, author of Referral Flood, who has great advice about how to generate more referrals for your business. I listened to the call and took notes – here they are in point form.”

Good Contract for Web Designers
“Now, I am not a lawyer, but here is a contract for web designers that I used to use when I did consulting and web design projects for less than $10,000.  It’s a great contract for those small brochure-type websites in the $0-$5,000 range (we used a different contract for engagements over $10,000).  Why is it a good contract?”

Good Web Design is Not Guesswork
“I want to tell you about a process you can use to design your pages.  Your users will benefit from the time you invest in page layout, and so will you because it will reduce the number of changes you need to make later to get a page right.  Also, your site will be more successful so your client will want to invest in additions and that means more revenue for you.”

Time To Pay Trumps All
“Jim Logan in his Small Business – Cash Flow Blog explains how frustrating it can be dealing with larger customers that take a long time to pay their bills … Jim goes on to suggest that if your customer is making a habit out of paying slowly, you should investigate them and confront them on it.”

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