Ripe Data: The February 07 Edition

March 9, 2007

This is the fourth edition of Ripe Data. The monthly series that includes an assortment of metrics collected here at FreshBooks. My comments are written below in italics. Please note, Ripe Data does not include the valuable industry benchmarks active FreshBooks users will have access to soon. Get it while its ripe!

For companies who accept online payments:
– In January, 17.0% of payments were accepted online
– In February, 17.9% of payments were accepted online

Almost a one percent increase is a significant uptake in online payment. I expect this trend will continue as it is indicative of the number of calls we get from small businesses who want to start collecting payments online.

Payment Methods:
– Visa: 15.5% in January, and 16.0% in February
– Mastercard: 7.6% in January, and 7.8% February
– Amex: 4.19% in January, and 4.3% in February
– Paypal: 6.5% in January, and 6.5% in February
– Other (including check, cash, account credit, etc.): 66.3% in January, and 65.5% in February

AMEX and VISA gained some ground in February, and as a whole, credit cards are slowly growing in popularity for small service-based business collections.

For companies that send invoices by both email and by ground mail:
– In January 95.9% of invoices were sent by email and 4.1% were sent by ground mail
– In February 96.2% were email, and 3.8% were ground mail

February was a big growth month for FreshBooks, so it is hard to say if the decrease in ground mail is the start of a trend, or more of an anomaly.

Browser Usage:
– Internet Explorer 7 – January 20.40%, February 22.59%
– IE 6 – January 37.28%, February 34.36%
– FireFox 2.0 – January 25.4%, February 28.92%
– FF 1.5 – January 12.56%, February 10.03%

If you combine the different versions of each browser, this month allegiances appear to be holding steady with neither IE or Firefox gaining ground.

Operating System Usage:
-Windows – January 88.85%, February 88.92%
-Macintosh – January 9.04%, February 8.55%
-Linux – January 1.54%, February 2.01%
-Unix – January 0.07%, February 0.00%

The mass marketing machine behind Vista could be a large contributor to the increase in the Windows usage.

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