Roadburn 2.0 is alive with magic

September 9, 2011

I was at a conference a few weeks back and a man came up to me unsolicited and told me what in his opinion The FreshBooks magic is. He said it is not only that we spend a lot of time in the real world with our customers, but that we seem to really enjoy the time we spend with them.

I’m here to say he was almost 100% correct.

Yes we love our customers and do enjoy spending time with them. So much so that we are leaving for a 10 day road trip with the sole purpose to meet, feed and thank as many customers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland as we can.

Along the way we’ll be sharing some customer stories, things we learned and even some pretty pictures. We invite you to follow along with our adventure through the FreshBooks Twitter Account, this blog as well as the personal twitter (opinions are their own so please don’t judge) accounts of John, Amanda, Sarah, Stu and some guy named Saul. We will also be tagging everything with the hashtag #roadburn2 (because it sounds like a Bruce Willis Movie) so you can easily follow everything and we hope you all will participate in whatever we have going on.

Oh and when I said above that the guy was almost 100% correct it is because the real secret to our magic is [REDACTED]

It feels to good to finally share that!

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