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November 28, 2006

FeedReader released their newest version (3.07) earlier this month. In their latest release, they added a few new handy features.

Since version 3.0, you were able to download podcasts, but version 3.07 makes it even easier.  They have a new browser for all your video and audio feeds.  Now you can easily download and manage your audio and video casts including our teleseminars.
New Browser

They also added these nifty buttons to increase and decrease the size of your text which can be helpful for accessibility purposes or if you have a very large monitor.
Increase and Decrease Font Sizes

If you haven’t subscribed to your FreshBooks system’s RSS feed, then you might be missing out on a lot.  If you ever want to be notified of your accounts activities in real time, then RSS is your answer.  This will also allow you to keep an independent permanent record of your account activities as well.  I wrote an introductory post on RSS some time ago, so take a look if you aren’t too familiar with RSS.
The power of RSS

I have been a strong supporter of FeedReader for some time.  Why?

1. I love their prices.  At $0 per download, they are easy on my wallet.
2. They have a fantastic looking interface.
3. They are actively improving their product.
4. Unlike most RSS readers on the market, FeedReader works on both secure (encrypted) and password protected RSS feeds.

My only suggestions for improvements for FeedReader would be an easier way to transfer my feeds from work to home.  This is a common disadvantage that all non web-based feed readers share.   One crazy idea for FeedReader to implement would be a web-based member’s directory.  By entering a stored username and password, I could potentially access a list of my feeds anywhere.

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