Sales: It’s about listening

Sales always gets a bad rap. They’re dirty cheap suit wearing money mongers. They want your money at any cost and they cannot be trusted. They will sell you something that you do not need. And internally, they always seem to have an excuse for why they are not selling as well as they should (product, price etc.).

People like that are not good at sales, and not good for your organization or your brand.

The best sales people listen. There’s an old adage that says: “we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak’. Great sales people listen and identify with the needs of the customer. If the service they’re selling is a fit, a deal should be possible, and it will feel natural to you, the buyer. Red flags go up for me as soon as they start trying to jam square pegs into round holes.

When I’m talking to a sales person, and they demonstrate an understanding of my problem, I’m a lot more open to what they have to say. Great sales people are problem solvers. They understand their clients pain points and clearly demonstrate how their solutions will help with the business problem at hand. In this case a sales person can be a wonderful asset to you and your organization.

Does your sales rep listen? Or better yet, are you listening to your customers?

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