Say Hi to us at SXSW

March 4, 2011

Next week is South By SouthWest and like years past we have a slew of  the cool stuff planned and are hoping you all make us a serious part of your social calendar! (If you cannot attend 🙁 – we hope you enjoy the posters at the bottom).

Myself, Saul Colt, and my partners in crime, Sarah Wilbore, Sunir Shah, Jon Spenceley and Grace Antonio have all been in “plan better” mode ensuring that this will be the most incredible South By. Instead of waiting till after to brag, we figured this year we would share ahead of time everything that is planned so you can all join in on our fun and help ensure everyone leaves Austin knowing what FreshBooks is all about and can all plan to hang out with us and not stumble over us by accident. And be sure to check out our panels (near the bottom!)

7 FreshBooks infused activities at SXSWi

  1. FreshBooks Airport Shuttle – Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. We have rented a couple coach buses and will be filling them up and dropping people off at their Downtown Hotels. Shuttles will leave every hour (or so) on the 10th and 11th of March. Seats are free but you need to sign up to get in the bus!.
  2. FreshBooks 2,000,000 User Party – FreshBooks passed the 2,000,000 user mark a while back and we forgot to tell anyone. So in honor of that, and the fact that we are turning 7 we’ve teamed up with our friends at PayPal to throw a two day long 7th Birthday/2,000,000 user party. It is going to be a pretty typical 7th Birthday party with Clowns, Balloon Animals, Stilt Walkers, Ice Cream, Photo-Booths….oh and Beer. Sign up for waiting list for Day One March 12th 11:30-3:30pm or Sign up for Day Two March 13th Noon to 4pm!
  3. The Freshbooks Ice Cream Sandwich SXSW Showdown presented by LACE – We have teamed up with the super fine folks at The League of Amature Competitive Eaters to host a Ice Cream Sandwich eating contest inside our 2,000,000 user event (see above). This is sure to be a talked about event and even if participating isn’t your thing you should still come to bask in the spectacle! March 12th and 13th from 2-3pm each day. Get in on the fun here
  4. SXSW Panel Influencer Throwdown: Proving Influence Once and For All – Advanced discussion around Influence with David Binkowski, Kevin Duggan, Krista Neher, and introducing Saul Colt  – March 13th, 11am at Hilton Salon D
  5. SXSW Panel Kill Your Call Center! Bring Your Support Home – Customer Service discussion lead by FreshBooks’ own Jon Spenceley and Frank Eliason – March 13th, 3:30pm at Hilton Salon D
  6. SXSW Panel Friends with Business Benefits: How Integrations Sell Apps – an interesting discussion with Amy Ellis, Chris Lucas, Michelle Ransom, Scott McMullan, Sunir Shah (FreshBooks) on how they’re embracing their competition. March 15th, 12:30 at Hilton Salon D
  7. SXSW Workshop Startup Marketing: It’s more then a Twitter Account – This long form workshop will cover many aspects of what it takes to market a startup from people (Alex de Bold, Britta Riley, Dan Martell, Sarah Prevette, Saul Colt) who have actually done it and not just read about it. Tuesday March 15th at 11am Sheraton, Capitol E-H (701 East 11th street)

I can’t wait to see you all and please take a moment and sign up for everything on this post, you wont be disappointed!

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