Saying no and managing client expectations

April 26, 2011

If you are careful about client selection, know how to set clear expectations and trust your instincts about when to walk away from a deal, you’ll be smiling 100% of the time, so says FreshBooks user Erik von Stackelberg

When it comes to client selection, you should feel confident about turning down clients and projects that are not a fit for you. Even if you’re desperate for a sale but unsure about the client, you still want to say no. Here’s why:

Even if you’re working with the best clients you can find, it’s still on you to maintain the relationship. This is where setting and managing expectations are almost more important as it’s the best way to maintain your client’s happiness (and your own). Improve your approach by following the three golden rules:

“You’re next best client is your last best client”

Picking the right client and managing expectation means you’ll both be happy. And if that happens, you’ll easily be able to work with them again, securing you sales and knowing you’ll produce a great end result for them. And if you get a number of these types of clients, you may never have to find (or fire) another client again!

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