Screencasts of FreshBooks Integration with Basecamp

March 2, 2007

Below are two screencasts that demonstrate how FreshBooks has integrated with 37signals’ Basecamp project management service. Each screencast describes one of two use cases, and together we anticipate they will address 80% of peoples needs. Go here to learn more about the use cases. I also added a third screen cast (which is a little long, but more detailed) which describes FreshBooks’ time tracking service. Enjoy.

Use Case 1 – Basecamp customers need to generate an invoice for Basecamp projects based on their time entries and/or their To-Do lists.

Use Case 2 – Basecamp customers want to import projects into FreshBooks where they can use them to track time. In this scenario your Basecamp project becomes a FreshBooks project and when you create To-Dos in Basecamp, your To-Dos will appear in FreshBooks as tasks. Then, whenever you want, you can invoice for your project like a normal FreshBooks project.

FreshBooks Time Tracking – a screencast of FreshBooks’ time tracking service

P.S. my blog post yesterday about our integration with Basecamp was saved as “private” which means it effectively disappeared for anyone who was trying to view it. For anyone who went looking for it and could not find it, I am terribly sorry. It’s back up now and I am looking into how it got saved as private, but the truth is I’m probably responsible the culprit. – Mike]

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