The FreshBooks Gift Exchange Event

November 18, 2011

If you’ve watched an episode of the “Office” around the holiday season you know that people in offices give gifts and usually you need to look them in the eyes and say thanks for things like napkin rings and ironic taxidermy.

Not only do we feel your pain (we’ve been there) but we have a solution! Wouldn’t it be great to get something funny and perhaps ironic in the mail and say “Thanks” with no guilt?

That is where the the FreshBooks Secret Shmanta Event! comes in, hosted of course by our buddy, Shmanta!

Don’t know Shmanta?

Shmanta has been called a loner and a rebel, but in truth very little is known except that he has dedicated his (or her) life to facilitating anonymous gift giving around this time of year.

Taking part is easy. Sign up here by December 3rd to send something fun (worth around $20) to someone else in the FreshBooks network and before you know it there will be something equally as cool sent back.

Once your cool thing arrives you can post some pictures so everyone can join in the fun!

Thanks to everyone who participated! The Secret Shmanta submissions are now closed.  We hope you enjoy your gifts 🙂

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