Sign on the Dotted Line With RightSignature

July 23, 2009

RightSignature lets your clients electronically sign FreshBooks invoices and estimates using their familiar handwritten signature.

For an online invoicing company that tries to get you paid faster, nothing is more frustrating than making you wait for a client to physically sign and mail back an invoice for approval. With RightSignature’s integration with FreshBooks, you can now get your clients to sign your invoices and estimates at Internet speed. That is a huge victory.

What’s especially nice about RightSignature is they allow your clients to sign in a human recognizable form: the handwritten signature. By waving their mouse or putting finger to your iPhone, they can sign their name just like with quill and ink.

Check out the screencast on the RightSignature add-ons page to see how you can use RightSignature and FreshBooks to manage your entire deal process, including NDAs, estimates, contracts, change orders, and invoices.

Or, if you’re keen to give it a try, go ahead and sign up for RightSignature!

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