Sign the Small Business Web Manifesto

May 5, 2009

It’s better when software plays together. A couple weeks ago, I introduced a veritable movement started by companies who get that idea deep in their bones. We call it the Small Business Web, and we believe it’s the future of small business software on the Internet.

Customers overwhelmingly prefer tools that work well together. Given the choice, they will more often pick software that integrates over software that stands alone.

Our goal when starting the Small Business Web movement was to make it easier to work together. The first step is to stand up and be counted. Make it easy for others to know you’re open to integrating.

Say it loud and clear, “Don’t make me wait! I want to integrate!” Sign the Small Business Web manifesto today! Put your hand up, let folks know who you are and where to find your API documentation. Let’s make it easy to find each other to get the deal done.

And if next week you’re heading to GlueCon, the conference for web application integrators, let me know. I’ll be there too, ready to make things happen!

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