Small Giants: A Book About Exceptional Small Companies

August 28, 2006

Here is an excerpt from Small Giants, a fantastic book about exceptional small companies. Here is a quote from the founder of Inc Magazine:

“I kept thinking the entrepreneur is like an artist, only business is the means of his expression…He creates [a business] from nothing, just like a blank canvas. It’s amazing. Someone goes into a garage, has nothing but an idea, and out of the garage comes a company, a living company. It’s so special what they do. They are a treasure”.

At the time Bernie Goldhirsh (Inc‘s founder) came to the above realization, entrepreneurs were looked down upon – like business outcasts in a time when everything in business revolved around big corporations. Thanks to resources like Inc, the tide has changed and now many entrepreneurs, even those running small companies, are revered.

To me entrepreneurs are a constant source of inspiration – just like artists. Reading business magazines and company profiles are as enjoyable as reading the biographies of my favourite musicians, like B.B. King for example. So if you are running a business – no matter what size – don’t forget that you too are an artist, and your business is an expression of your talent, and everyday is a new opportunity to hone your craft.

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