Infographic Roundup: Spelling and Grammar Blunders That Make Your Clients Cringe

We’re not talking about text message abbreviations and smiley emojis ( 🙂 ).

You don’t call yourself a writer, yet your small business depends so much on your ability to put together a sentence. We know what you’re thinking: “But my business functions on the go and I have more face-to-face conversations with clients than I do over text or email. I don’t write a lot, so why does this matter to me?”

Well, it actually is important when it comes to the overall scope of your business and merely because it matters to your clients. Nearly a third of consumers pay close attention to copy accuracy on websites, and 59 per cent actually are turned off from doing business with these culprits altogether.

Whether you’re in the bootstrapping stage of business or on the cusp of renting your first office space, you’ll be producing some form of front-facing writing for your clients. Think about it: anything from emails and invoices to websites and marketing flyers requires copy. So you’ve got to ensure yours won’t be flagged by the spelling and grammar police before they even have the chance to buy into your service.

Now, the purpose of this post isn’t meant to take you back to your grade school classroom, nor is it to make you a perfect writer—because those don’t exist. Instead, think of it as your one-stop guide to minimizing those pesky errors. Here’s a roundup of our favorite spelling and grammar infographics from around the web, as well as a list of online tools to use as you flex your writing muscle.

Spelling and Grammar

Making sense of ones often misunderstood.


Top 6 Common Comma Problems (Infographic)

Quotation Marks and Punctuation

For Your Company Blog

Before You Hit Publish.

Passive and Non-aggressive Voice

We get it—your small business is operating in a world that’s moving faster than ever before. But fast should never to be confused with lazy, especially when it comes at the expense of growing your clientele.

If writing just isn’t your forte, that’s okay. Here are some online spelling and grammar tools to use for your business.

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