Spend a Day Hacking on FreshBooks at HackTO!

April 15, 2010

FreshBooks is very pleased to be supporting the upcoming HackTO event here in Toronto on May 15th.

At HackTO, developers are gathering to share ideas, inspiration and hard work to create new applications — in a single day — based off the public APIs of some of Toronto’s hottest technology companies. The sponsor companies (including FreshBooks, Idée, and PostRank) will have technical experts on hand to help folks understand their APIs and work effectively as they hack away on their one-day dreams.

Open, flexible APIs are a critical part of the software ecosystem these days. For us, an open API is a really important part of the FreshBooks equation. This is why we’ve integrated with OAuth, and provided a rich event-driven interface via Webhooks. We’re not the biggest company in the world (yet!), so we can’t always find the time to build out the useful things our customers are asking for, however. We’re also not daft enough to think we’re the only source of ideas about what people might need.

That’s what makes an API such a rich source of goodness: external developers can dive in and create new applications that either solve specific needs or add creative value in ways the original developer might never have imagined. We’ve seen third-party developers hooking all kinds of great add-ons into our leading billing, bookkeeping and time-tracking functions. Great stuff we might never have done ourselves, for all kinds of reasons.

HackTO is bound to be a blast, and we look forward to the fantastic creations that appear on this day of mad coding, pizza*, and collaboration!

Come on out and join us!

*pizza not guaranteed.

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