Supporting Our Support!

May 25, 2010

Everyone knows FreshBooks means “Rockstar customer support”. You call our toll-free number and a human being answers the phone. A nice human being, maybe somebody named Grace or Mark or Kasey. You email us and likewise: a human being replies, helps you out, whatever your problem may be.

It’s what we do. And we like to think we’re pretty kickass freakin’ amazing at it.

But there’s always room for improvement…

So we’ve decided to declare May 25 – 28 “Support Support Week“.

For one week, we’ve turned the whole company loose on making our already-amazing support even better; without a plan, agenda or even a map. What we’ve decided is that FreshBookers are really really smart, and when you find yourself with a critical mass of smart people, awesome things will almost certainly happen, if you just remove the barriers to them getting things done.

So, for this week, nobody will be assigned tasks. Nobody will be answerable for how they spend their time, nobody will have to attend meetings they don’t want to attend, and everybody is going to do exactly whatever they think they ought to do in order to make FreshBooks Support even better than it already is.

I have no idea what’s going to come of this, but I’m sure excited to find out.

To kick off Support Support Week, we gathered the crew together this morning and, using giant sticky notes, put up ideas on how to make Support better. We covered a kitchen wall with these ideas — along with a raft of smaller stickies with which folks signed up to help make a given idea a reality.

We’ll keep checking in to see how various ideas are doing throughout the week, and share some of the awesomeness as it emerges into the light.

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