Surprise & Delight Customers

Thought I’d share a little moment of simple delight that gave me a very “FreshBooks feeling”.

Last week, I got an email from an old friend who’s a great freelancer, writer and thinker.  I’ve known Peter Wolchak for about 10 years, chiefly through my role as a communications bloke and his as a reporter and editor in the Canadian tech/biz community.

To cut a potentially long story short, I’d introduced Peter to another friend, referring a  freelance writing opportunity his way.  In thanking me for the intro, Peter said: “I hope karma sends you a pony,” which I thought was brilliant. Unable to resist the cheeky response, I fired back: “Forget the pony, where’s my lottery win?”

Well in yesterday’s snail mail, I got a surprise package from Peter. I know it’s bad for the trees, but I still love the (rare) moment of getting a hand-addressed letter in the mail – even better, one that contains something like what’s pictured above:

…not a karmic pony, but it might be the means to buy one.

In case you can’t make it out or you’re reading this through RSS without the images, inside the envelope was a “Cash For Life” lottery scratch card with four chances to win $1,000 a week for life.  Just that – no note required; the perfect, funny, surprising gift.


As I said, this felt like a very FreshBooks moment, to me. I think what Peter did is exactly the kind of thing embodied in our “4E” approach (“Execute on Extraordinary Experiences Every Day”).

We work hard to exceed expectations, to do things our customers aren’t expecting in everything we do. From the way our killer-hot Support Rockstars go out of their way to over-deliver for customers, even through to the way we keep our roadmap plans close to our chests – always much better to surprise and delight a customer or a friend.

So: thanks Peter. You made my day and gave me a great reminder of the way I hope to make our customers feel every day.

Take five minutes to do something completely surprising for one of your customers, partners or friends. Right now. Karma will shower you with ponies.

*Full disclosure: Peter edits Backbone Magazine, co-creators of the PICK 20 awards.  I was a judge for the awards program two years running and voted for FreshBooks as a top Canadian innovator in both judging rounds. FreshBooks won a PICK20 two years running, coming first in 2009. That was, of course, long before I ever dreamed of actually working here one day.

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