SXSW 2011 Panels: Help us impress our moms again

August 17, 2010

After this year’s amazing SXSW experience, we’ve ramped things up for SXSW 2011 with more panels and even bigger plans for fun in the live music capital of the world!

We’re very fortunate to have 3 panels up for voting this year and below you’ll find a brief description of each one. So if you have a second, please do us a favor, and help us vote them into super-stardom!

Panel #1: Kill Your Call Center & Bring Support Home!
Moderated by Jon Spenceley – Support Rockstar

Ever called into FreshBooks? You’ve probably talked to a member of our rock star support team. We’re all about keeping support in-house and as human as we can possibly make it. RackSpace calls this Fanatical Support and we couldn’t agree more. Join us in this panel to learn more about what makes great support tick and why keeping your support close to home has benefits not just for your customers, but also your business’ growth!

Trust us – your clients will thank you!

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Panel #2: The Big Reveal
Moderated by Mike McDerment – CEO (Co-Founder)

Ever wonder how the magic that is your favorite web properties happens? More often than not, it’s because there are systems (yes systems, dashboards, and internal web apps) behind the scenes that support elf-like humans so they can care for your every online interaction. These systems are critical to the elves, but they are systems you never see – until now! Attend this panel and go behind the scenes to see how leading sites think about their businesses, and build things to support their internal teams and operations. Whether it’s systems for customer support, sales, marketing, ops, or managing feature requests, come and get sneak a peak of the potions, spells and charms that power your favourite web properties!

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Panel #3: Friends with Business Benefits: How Integrations Sell Apps
Sunir Shah, our Chief Handshaker, has been been invited by Michelle Riggen-Ransom – Co-Founder & Communications Director of BatchBlue

The Small Business Web is now over 100 web app companies strong. Together, we’re rewriting the rules for traditional business development by building the market for small business software through integrations. So how has it not devolved into fisticuffs and mayhem? And why does integration help both the consumers and the vendors who are building the applications? Members of the Small Business Web will discuss the power of the open API, why customers buy apps that integrate, how they’re embracing their competition and why sometimes even they have to remember to “Hug It Out” as they work together to define the future of the Small Business Web.

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Thanks for all the clicking. We hope to see you at SXSW 2011!

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