Tips to Help you Survive the Heat

July 21, 2011

Friends, let’s take a pause from our daily work of helping you get paid for doing the things you love to do and focus on an enemy far greater than unpaid account receivables.

The sun is trying to kill us.

It is really freaking hot here in North America right now. Average temperatures outside the FreshBooks office are going above 38C, which is over 100F for our American friends.

That’s hotter than a human body. If you think about it, your armpit is actually cooling down the air.

As a public service announcement, here are a few tips to help you survive the heat:

  • Sunproof your house. Close your blinds. Open the upstairs windows.
  • Stay hydrated. With ice. Lots of ice. Avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol as they will dehydrate you.
  • Escape! Catch a movie. Go to the mall.
  • Lower your laptop temperature. Turn off your computer when you don’t need it. Put it into a lower power setting to create less heat.
  • Workation! If you work virtually, why not head to somewhere colder? Drag the laptop to Starbucks. Or the public library. Or even just the basement.
  • Cool your car. Roll down the windows. Use a windshield reflector. According to this source, rolling down a window and opening and closing the opposite door 5 times is highly effective.
  • Siesta. Why else do you work for yourself? Sleep in the afternoon, work at night. Let your employees siesta too!
  • Visualize relief. Change your desktop wallpaper to a cold, freezing, chilling winter scene.
  • Work in the buff! It may be a bit weird to call a client au naturel, but it’s better than fainting!
  • Ice cream for dinner. Great idea or greatest idea?

Caption contest

Our poor friend the snowman (pictured) is melting in the sun – send us your best caption for this image – and quick, before he melts completely!

Update: tell us what the melting snowman is saying by today, Friday July 22nd at Noon EST!

We’ll reward the winning caption idea (from Twitter and the comments) with a $30 giftcard from Starbucks to get you all the iced cappuccinos you need to stay cool.

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