The Top 7 Gifts for Your Accountant this Holiday

December 15, 2014

He’s making a list and checking it twice, but even Santa can sometimes forget to deliver a little holiday cheer to the men and women who keep his business in business – accountants.

If you’ve been scouring the web, looking for cost-friendly ideas on how to thank your number-crunching ally for handling your disorganized records each year, then look no further.  We’ve prepared the ultimate holiday gift guide for the accountant in your life.

1. I Love Month End Mug

Because it’s every accountant’s favorite time of the year. Honestly. $19.50. Get one at

I <3 Month End mug

2. Copious Amounts of Caffeine

Tax season is right around the corner and we all know what that means: late nights. Very late nights. Why not give your accountant the gift of mental alertness in the form of a gift card or coffee bag? Or better yet, combine option 1 and 2 for best results.

3. USB Coffee Warmer

Are you starting to see a theme, here? For an accountant, the only thing worse than a client who doesn’t track their expenses properly is a cold cup of coffee. This USB coffee warmer serves double duty and can be kept handy right at their workstation. $16.00. Pick one up at

USB Coffee Warmer

4. Time

Let’s face it – most of us would be lost without our accountants. We use painless cloud accounting software like FreshBooks designed for non-accountants to keep track of our finances, but ultimately, need professional help to get all our numbers in order. Invite your accountant to use FreshBooks’ Accountant Center, a free online portal that gives them simplified access to your reports and journal entries. Translation: less back and forth, and quicker, more accurate reporting that saves you and your accountant valuable time. $0. Get some time at

FreshBooks Accountant Center

5. hipKey™

Download the app and attach this handy device to any item of value. The app then tracks that item’s location based on your proximity to it. You can even set up an alarm that buzzes if you and your tagged item get separated. Perfect for finding lost cash flow statements. $59.95. Grab one at the Apple Store.


6. Profit and Loss Cufflinks

It was a tough call between these and a pair of Death Star cufflinks, but ultimately we chose the good old P&L links, due to the clever design that snaps open to reveal realistic-looking ledger pages inside. $64.95. Pick up a pair at

Profit and Loss cufflinks

7. A Bottle of Scotch

Want to stick with a classic gift? A delicious bottle of malt whiskey and a personal “thank you” note could do wonders for your next tax return.


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