Day 4 – The Twelve Days of Freshtivus

December 8, 2011

Welcome to Day 4 of Freshtivus!  With the holidays approaching, we’re busy giving away gifts to our fantastic customers. We are also following the story of Sam, a small business owner who is struggling with her invoicing and is just discovering FreshBooks. If you missed any part of her story or want to see our previous giveaways, see our past posts here.   

At FreshBooks, our design team approaches their creative projects with two guiding principles: Is it straightforward and is it infused with playfulness? We do this because we know FreshBooks needs to be both functional and beautiful at the same time.

We turn to our designers for more than just their knowledge of art and the Web. For example, many folks will turn for John Campana for fashion advice, as he is known for being one of the most stylish and best dressed in the office. Erin always has a new interior design project on the go and knows the best way to place a couch. Avrum is our resident Foodie and the go-to for the best restaurant suggestions. Director of Product & Design, Casey McKinnon is known for his fancy latte-making abilities. Interested in an intellectual conversation? Look no further than Jeremy whose new media art has had him performing in front of audiences around the world.

Watch today’s Freshtivus video where Sam visits the design pod where all the magic happens plus John C. tells you who has won today’s random prize!

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