Give Your Productivity a Lift in 2017: Time-Saving Features on FreshBooks

Our favorite time-saving features allow you to worry less about accounting, so you can continue to do what you love.

It’s a new year—your chance to make new business resolutions, be more efficient with your time and make 2017 your most productive year yet as a small business owner.

To help you out, FreshBooks has time-saving features, allowing you to worry less about accounting, so you can continue to do what you love. Here are our favorites.

Create Recurring Invoice Templates—and Let FreshBooks Send Invoices for You

Imagine: Your invoices created themselves and you didn’t have to lift a finger. That way, you’ll be able to dedicate more time running your business and building strong client relationships.

With Recurring Invoice Templates you can create an invoice template, set a schedule and automatically generate and send invoices to your client. You’ll never have to worry about recreating similar invoices every month. Let this be the year you take back your time and put your invoicing on auto-pilot.

Create Recurring Invoice Templates Now 

Keep Track of Every Business Expense

Ready or not, tax time is just around the corner. The easiest way to make tax time a breeze is by ensuring all your expenses are correctly logged and categorized. If you have a shoebox full of crumpled receipts, logging expenses can feel incredibly daunting.

So this year, skip the shoebox and track your expenses with FreshBooks. There are three easy ways to track your expenses:
1. Add them manually from your desktop
2. Snap a photo of your receipt from your iOS or Android device
3. Connect your bank account or credit card to automatically import expenses every day.

time saving

Start tracking your expenses now and you’ll save yourself hours of headache and frustration come tax time (it will make the wait for your tax refund that much sweeter).

Try Expense Tracking Now 

Accept Payments Online so Clients Can Pay You Faster

Nothing slows you down quite like accepting checks. Whether it’s the snail mail wait-time or the lineups at the bank, accepting checks isn’t conducive to you getting paid quickly. Fast-forward to 2017 and make waiting a thing of the past.

With FreshBooks Payments, instantly enable your clients to pay you online by credit card. There’s no set-up required, and your customers can pay straight from their invoice using their credit card or—if you’re based in the US—Apple Pay as well. In fact, FreshBooks customers who accept online payments get paid an average 11 days faster with 60% of invoices paid within one day.

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Start Accepting Credit Cards Now

Use the FreshBooks Mobile App Anytime You’re On-the-Go

This year, don’t let your desk chain you down. With FreshBooks’ mobile apps, available on both iOS and Android, you can access your important business information—no matter where business takes you. Work on-the-go and have the confidence that FreshBooks will be right there with you.

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Download FreshBooks Now on iOS or Android 

Make Collaboration Seamless with Projects

One of the most rewarding parts of running your own business is collaborating with your clients, contractors or team. Ultimately, you have the potential to produce better work and get more done. On the other hand, with more hands in a project, tasks could fall through the cracks.

Let 2017 be the year you and your team work even more efficiently, thanks to the Projects feature in FreshBooks. You’ll save even more time because you can share files and update others on your team all from within FreshBooks. The Projects feature allows you to keep conversations in one central—so no more time spent searching through email threads.

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Try Projects Now 

Stay on Top of the Hours Dedicated to a Task with Time Tracking

While saving time feels great, knowing where you’ve spent your working hours is important too. With the Time Tracking feature, you can keep an accurate log of you and your team’s hours. You’ll be able to better understand how your team is working and where there’s opportunity to work more efficiently. Plus you can automatically create an invoice directly from your logged time.

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Say goodbye to time wasted trying to remember all the hours spent on a project or forgetting to bill for some of your time. Make 2017 the year you never miss another billable moment.

Try Time Tracking Now 

Keeping your resolutions is hard but FreshBooks is here to help. Try out these features and see just how much time you’ll save this year, so you can focus more time on your clients and doing what you love.

Login to your FreshBooks account today and get started with these time-saving features.

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