Under the Hood: Introducing Aaron Adams

July 9, 2007

We’ve been hiring for a while, and about a month ago Levi and I headed out to lunch with a candidate who arrived about half an hour early for his interview. The candidate was Aaron Adams.

The truth is we’d been looking forward to this interview on account of Aaron’s outstanding cover letter. After lunch we returned to the office, told Aaron we’d probably be in touch with him in about two weeks as we continue to interview. Once Aaron stepped out of the office I turned to Levi and said, “Do you want to hire that guy?” Levi’s reply: “Hell yeah!”, followed by confessions that he almost broke down during lunch and offered him a job. I admitted the same.

Photo of Aaron AdamsLevi and I just knew we had to have this guy on our team. We called Aaron’s cell as he was walking away from the office and asked him if he’d like the job. He said yes. We told him to come back to the office to grab a contract with the caveat that we would follow up on some of his references. He started on Monday and the rest is history.

For the record I’ve never hired anyone like that before. We’re slow to hire because we hire for fit, but sometimes you just know… I guess you can chalk it up to a Blink moment for both Levi and I, and about a month in I have to say our instincts were spot-on. Aaron showed up on day one and started answering the phone. We did not expect him to be ready for that, but he taught himself the product over the weekend and we were flabbergasted by how well he learned our product and how deeply he understands both our customers and their needs.

If you call us these days you will likely speak with Aaron as he is managing our front line customer support. He was very involved with the phpBB community a few years back and he brings a strong sense of community to the role. Please give us a call or shoot us an email and join me in welcoming Aaron to the team.

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