Updated: Basecamp/FreshBooks Integration

September 18, 2009

One of the very first integrations we did at FreshBooks was with 37Signals’ web based project collaboration tool Basecamp – it’s an amazing service for anyone who wants to do project management with your clients and team.  Today we are pleased to announce that we have made a series of improvements to the integration, and courtesy of our friends at 37Signals, we have a discount to offer you if you want to purchase a Basecamp account.

What’s changed?
Mostly we’ve tightened the integration.  Previously, if you were tracking time on a project in Basecamp, and invoiced that project multiple times in FreshBooks, you had to remember which hours you had already billed (filtering by date, or memory skills).  Now we remember which hours you’ve invoiced and offer links to the past invoices when you re-import the project. So if you add hours after the fact, they won’t get lost in the shuffle.  This is a series of little things, that when you put them together, is a big deal.

We’ve also made other improvements that make configuring your integration with Basecamp smoother.  To learn more about Basecamp and our integration, check out our adds on page or visit the Basecamp website.

Basecamp Coupon Code
The good folks at 37Signals have provided us with a Basecamp coupon that will give you a 25% discount on of your first month’s fee .  The coupon code is FRESHBC. It expires Sept 30th, so hop to it!

As a historical side note, FreshBooks first integrated with Basecamp back in March 2007.  That’s like 1000 years ago in Internet time.  If you don’t believe me, just watch the screen cast we made way back then and look at how much our interface has change.

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