5 Useful Resources For Designer/Developers

January 4, 2007

Hi folks, here are some useful resources/tools that I’ve come across on the web. Some may be of use to you and some may not. Check them out:

AJAX loading gif generator – Ever wonder where everyone is getting those cool little animated loading images on all those AJAX websites? Check this site out. You can select from a number of different loaders and even customize the colours.

Brands of the World – Ever need another company’s logo in vector format? Or need some inspiration for a new logo or icon? This website has a huge database of company logos from all over the world.

Design Melt Down – There are a number of design websites I use as a resource or for inspiration. This is one of them. I especially like this one because it categorizes websites by colour usage, design elements and design trends.

Lorem Ipsum – Some web designers don’t agree with using this as dummy text in the preliminary rounds of their designs because it does not accurately represent the copy that’s actually going to be in there. I agree with this but it’s very handy if you quickly need to pop in some text without any fuss.

.htaccess generator – By manipulating the .htaccess file on your webserver you can accomplish many things. This website will generate a custom .htaccess file for you. It’s very helpful if you’re new to editing your .htaccess file.

If you have any that you would like to share with others, let’s hear it.

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