FreshBooks is hiring again

September 7, 2007

As celebrities from Hollywood and all over the world descend on our great city for the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival this week, we here at FreshBooks felt the time was right to launch our first volley into the unsuspecting world of cinema.

Watch out film fest, here comes FreshBooks!


Okay… so a two-minute recruitment video isn’t likely to get us into Short Cuts Canada, nor will it earn us much street cred with the Academy. But for a bunch of people unaccustomed to sunlight—let alone cameras—there are some valiant performances held within!

So why did we create this epic story? (Or, depending on who you ask, why did we shamelessly rip it from a Saturday Night Live digital short?)

It’s simple, really…

FreshBooks is hiring!

That’s right, folks. We’re looking for a few good people to join our team. In particular, we’re looking for a developer, a designer, and a support specialist.

To help us find just the right fit for our organization, our good friends and compatriots at helped us put together a short film to provide some insight into the kind of company we are, and to help us spread our reach and find that perfect fit.

Watch our two-minute video

Job descriptions, our YouTube masterpiece and more are available right here for your viewing pleasure. Check it out, and if it piques your interest, please get in touch with us!

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