Web Conference In Toronto

December 7, 2006

mesh conferenceLast year I and four other Toronto web enthusiasts founded a conference – the mesh conference. The group consisted of Mathew Ingram (senior technology writer for the Globe and Mail), Mark Evans (senior technology writer for the National Post and now COO of B5media), Stuart McDonald (founder of Expedia Canada), Rob Hyndman (technology lawyer) and myself.

The goal of the conference was to answer the question, “What’s next online?” for people in four industries – media, marketing and PR, society and politics and venture and entrepreneurship. To that end, we were able to attract some of the internet’s best minds. Below is a list of our keynote presenters and podcasts of their keynotes:

Om Malik (media podcast)
– then a senior writer at Business 2.0, now a blog network entrepreneur


Dr. Michael Geist (society and politics podcast)
– author, law professor at the University of Ottawa Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law.


Steve Rubel (marketing and PR keynote)
– Senior VP at Edelman


Dr. Paul Kedrosky (venture and entrepreneurship keynote)
– venture fellow with Ventures West


Tara Hunt (on Pinko Marketing)
– formerly of Riya, now a director at Citizen Agency


If you can make the time, give the podcasts a listen. I have been relistening myself recently and the content is first rate. In fact, the whole event wound up being a great success and so we are doing it again May 30 & 31, 2007. Like last year a limited number of student tickets will be available. I hope you can join us.

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