We’d like to send you to the SEED Conference

October 11, 2007

Our friends Jim and Jason at Coudal Partners and 37Signals are teaming up with Carlos Segura of Segura Inc, are putting on the SEED Conference on October 29th in Chicago. The sold-out event is a:

…discussion on design, entrepreneurship, and inspiration.

You’ll learn about taking control of your own work, seeking out methods to inspire new ideas, and adopting unconventional ideas about collaboration and business. The SEED conference will fill your head with knowledge you can use.

I was so inspired by the event (largely because I’m a big believer in the personalities behind it) that I bought two tickets — one for myself, and one someone out there with the best answer to the challenge I outline below…

Preamble: At FreshBooks we believe we are a service — not a technology. We believe in outstanding service experiences, and as a result we’ve been doing the little things we feel matter to people for more that three years now. Things like ensuring a real person answers the phone when you call — not a phone system. Giving you timely and thoughtful replies to your emails when you reach out to us, and maintaining our forums with enthusiasm. We’ve been doing all this, day in and day out since May 2004, on top of continuously polishing and perfecting the web application part of the FreshBooks experience.

So here’s the challenge: Tell us the best story of customer service you know, and send it to us by Tuesday October 23 at 3 PM ET, and we will give the winner (as judged by the team here at FreshBooks) a ticket to SEED. You’ll have to get yourself to Chicago, and find yourself a place to stay, but we’ve got your $399 USD entry fee covered to this sold-out event. We’ll post the winning story here on Fresh Thinking and I’ll be looking forward to meeting the winner in the flesh at SEED.

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