When you do what you love, you do your best work

July 6, 2011

Freelancers have it pretty good. Although there are downsides to every job (and as jobs go, the freelancing rating scale goes to 11), many freelancers are self-employed because they’re committed to doing something they love. It’s not surprising that this has an impact not only on how much they enjoy their work lives but also on life outlook too. In fact, a recent survey showed the majority of freelancers are happier since they started freelancing. It’s a simple notion, and a topic dear to our heart that we keep finding is true: When you do what you love, you do your best work.

Boosting Productivity

Working in a field that fuels your passion is one of the easiest ways to increase productivity. It’s a common tendency to put more effort into something you love doing than something you don’t. If you have a hobby, consider how much time and effort you put into it. When your work is as enjoyable as your hobbies, then you’ll put that same kind of time and effort into your projects, and the productivity gains will show. In fact, Lifehack’s 50 Ways To Increase Your Productivity lists “Love what you do” as the fifth item!

Backup plan

It may be a cliché, but it’s true: Money can’t buy happiness. It can buy beer, but not happiness. For those attracted to the self-employment lifestyle, they can get the best of both worlds – a successful, prosperous career and a good work/life balance (after all, are you going to tell yourself you can’t take a two-hour lunch on Fridays?).

On the flip side, however, no matter how awesome your business plan is, sometimes things don’t go your way and you find yourself running a little short on those green pieces of paper. This might mean taking on a side contract for something you’re less enthusiastic about doing, something you do temporarily as you get set up with your main biz. Some people even recommend beginning their freelancing careers while still in the employment of others. Fair enough; having a backup contract or a secondary skill can help to ease up the pressure of those lighter months. Growing a business while having a regular paycheck makes it easier (and far less stressful) on the entrepreneur, as it allows them to build their businesses without the stress of worrying about their ability to pay bills.

Freelancing keeps your quality of life high

Working in a negative situation can have lasting impacts. High levels of stress, irritable or confrontational behavior, reduced productivity and suffering work quality are all symptoms of a job not fitting your life. In contrast, as this Work Awesome article points out, there are huge benefits of doing what you love. Perks of turning a passion into your full time job  include gaining valuable flexibility over your time in addition to the satisfaction of being in charge of project terms and owning the results in full.

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