Why Do You Need Integrations to Sell Your Software?

August 25, 2010

I’m the head of the platform at FreshBooks. Let me tell you, we spend a lot of time and energy attracting integration partners and then promoting their software to our customers. Some people have asked, “Why would any rational software company work so hard to sell other people’s software?”

Here we go again. That question reminds me of the Open API debate. Not that long ago, many software vendors did not have an Open API because they did not want to give away “their” data. I know that sounds ludicrous now we live in the future with flying cars here in 2010, but it was still such a revolutionary idea that FreshBooks and its partners launched The Small Business Web at SXSW Interactive 2009 to promote Open APIs for small business software.

Now Open APIs are the norm if you want to sell small business software on the Internet. However, not many companies understand why it’s in their best interests to strenuously promote their integration partners. Let me explain why we do this at FreshBooks.

It just comes down to simple economics. Early on we realized that a prospect who was using a single other web application for their small business was ten times cheaper to acquire. First, they were already sold on software-as-a-service the concept. Second, they were hungry to keep growing their business in the cloud. Think about it: no one wants to copy data from the cloud to their desktop and back by hand.

Simply put, people want end-to-end solutions. Our customers really, really want integrations. You might expect that such a strong desire translates to the bottom line. And you’d be right.

I hope you’re sitting down. We find that if our customers use any single integration, they are three times as likely to convert to paid.

That’s the straight up reason why we’re investing heavily in integrations. In fact, we’re hiring a development community manager if you want to come help us knock integrations out of the park.

Now, if you’re now thinking how you can get more sales out of your web app’s API, great! I have three things you can do right now.

In fact, the last point is so pressing, I’ll state it again! Please vote for our panel, “Friends with Business Benefits: How Integrations Sell Apps” at SXSW 2011. The panel deadline is Friday. (If you come to our panel, I’ll buy you a beer!)

The Small Business Web represents some of the most active companies pushing integrations right now. It’s a good place to ask questions, meet potential partners, and join co-marketing opportunities. Get going! Sales are waiting.

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