Our Adventures with WordPress Comment Spam

September 14, 2006

We have been experiencing an increase in the amount of comment spam on our blog lately, so I’ve put some time into finding a way to combat this evil enemy. Hopefully this post will help others in their battles against comment spam.

How We’re Fighting Spam

We have been running the Akismet plugin that comes packaged with the WordPress platform but as you can tell it is not been 100% spam proof. It seems only the really nasty comments get through. We’ve also noticed that we receive the most spam at night or on the weekends when none of us are in to moderate the comments. Tricky little devils. So recently I put a verification code on the comment form that you have to type in correctly in order to post a comment. I left it for a night but the next morning we were at it again deleting a bunch of comment spam. I wasn’t very fond of a verification code because:

  1. User may have images disabled in their browsers
  2. User may be visually impaired (though there are some image verifications with and audio option)
  3. It’s darn annoying for users to have to type in a code

So I did a little more reading and am now trying 3 plugins together, Akismet, Spam Karma 2 and Bad Behavior (I killed the image verification). From what I read, using these 3 together are very effective in blocking comment spam. So we’re going to run with this for a while and see how it goes. It probably won’t be 100% spam proof but I hopefully it will cut down the time spent moderating our comments.

If you guys have any thoughts, experiences or suggestions on combating comment spam lets hear it.

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