Yesterday was Cinco de Mustache

March 6, 2007

We at FreshBooks take our facial hair very seriously. Imagine how excited we were when we read this, from the Mustache Hall of Fame:

One of the most important events on any good mustache man’s calendar should be ‘Cinco de Mustache,’ the fifth day of March. For three weeks prior to Cinco de Mustache, a man grows out all his facial hair, into a large wooly beard.

If the participant cannot grow significant facial hair, it is important to remember that there is glory in the attempt. After the beard has been grown out, said man shaves off all but the mustache on the fifth, giving a lasting impression to his friends, family and colleagues that he is, indeed, a mustache man.

Please witness Joe‘s devastating results:

Lock up your daughters

Even some of our friends participated:

Cinco de Mustache

Mike, however, declined to shave his beard, a very wise decision, given this cold winter we’re having.

Also wise, Levi, who can “grow a beard faster than Superman can leap a building in a single bound” is abstaining from any facial hair growth until the ring is firmly on his betrothed’s finger this June.

As for Jeff, Daniel and me — like the man said, the glory is in the attempt.

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