Your Feedback is Great

March 27, 2006

Here is some great feedback we recently received. One of our clients had a few suggestions regarding adding a new status to our invoices as well as adding links between our client and invoice pages. This client gave us his step-by-step process of how he uses 2ndSite.

“The process for contacting customers who have been sent 3 reminders and have yet to pay their invoice now:
1) Search through all sent emails for type “Late Invoice”
For Each Invoice with a Late Invoice Notice:
A) Click invoice to see which reminder it is
B) If it’s the third reminder, write down customer account number and invoice number
Repeat for each Late Invoice notice
Repeat the following procedure for each client written down in the step above.
A) Return to invoice screen and search for invoice number – find total and invoice details
B) Click Clients list
C) Search for client – retrieve phone number
A) Search client list for client and open
B) Click invoices link – find invoice in question – get details
C) Return to client details and retrieve number
After those 2 small changes are made
1) List invoice page by sent status and view “Sent3” invoices
2) Click Invoice to open and view
3) Click the client name to retrieve number for that client
1) List invoice page by sent status and view “Sent3″ invoices
2) Click the client name from the list to open client details directly – retrieve number
As you can see MUCH simpler.”

I can’t describe how helpful this type of feedback is to us. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and we almost always base design and development tweaks on your feedback. If you have any similar experiences or would just like to describe how some aspect of 2ndSite could be improved, please do not hesitate to post it.

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