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Can QuickBooks Users Benefit From Using FreshBooks?


Many small businesses and freelancers are already using QuickBooks for their accounting needs. Established in 2004, it is safe to say that QuickBooks has already gained numerous users throughout the years. Being one of the most popular cloud-based accounting software options, even those who are just starting a small business or becoming a freelancer have chosen QuickBooks to manage their accounting duties. 

However, QuickBooks can be overwhelming for new users as it is a full accounting software package. This means that it has additional accounting features which might be confusing for first-time users. Not all of those features are important to those who only have a few clients and paying for them might be a waste, especially if they are not being used. 

Enter FreshBooks, another cloud-based accounting software which is much easier to use by self-employed individuals and other small service-based businesses. But is changing to a new accounting software worth it?


Advantages of using FreshBooks

Although not a full accounting software package like QuickBooks, FreshBooks can still go head to head with the former. Self-employed professionals, small business owners, or those whose jobs bill clients by the hour should use FreshBooks as their accounting software as it is known for its superb invoicing and payments features. 

Would QuickBooks users benefit from FreshBooks? Yes, definitely. 

New users will probably prefer the easy user interface of FreshBooks. The software provides a clear step-by-step walkthrough for first-time users, making accounting easier to understand for those who do not have in-depth knowledge. For small businesses, projects done by teams can all be monitored using the software or app. Everything is centralized which means all team members can see the progress of the project and clients can even give their own feedback. Small businesses which use QuickBooks do not have the luxury to do this since it does not have a team collaboration feature. 

There are also other FreshBooks features which QuickBooks does not have or is only available in top-tier pricing plans. Some examples of them are:

  • Time tracking tool. This is a handy feature made especially for freelancers and businesses who want to bill clients by the hour. With this tool, users will charge their clients the right amount. In QuickBooks, this is only available with their higher pricing plans.
  • Expense categorization. When tax time arrives, filing will be easier with the help of this feature. In QuickBooks, this is only available with their higher pricing plans.
  • Team roles. In a project, team members in a project can have access to the business’s FreshBooks account with different permissions depending on their roles.
  • Simultaneous users. FreshBooks allows an unlimited number of users to access an account on all pricing plans. On the other hand, Quickbooks only allows access for 1 to 5 users depending on the pricing plan.
  • Proposals. With FreshBooks, a business or a freelancer can give proposals to clients using the software or app. An overview of the services offered and project estimates can be sent directly to the client and they can approve it right then and there. 


The Bottom Line

A small newly-opened business or a freelancer will probably only use basic accounting when they are just starting out. Additionally, those who have used QuickBooks but do not take advantage of all the features might have an easier time organizing expenses and sending out invoices with FreshBooks. It has an easier and less complex interface than QuickBooks which makes it perfect for non-accountants. 

FreshBooks aims to make a small business owner’s or a freelancer’s accounting needs manageable. Although QuickBooks does have a full accounting software package, some of its features are not needed right away. Maybe when the business has grown, it can be utilized; but for starting entrepreneurs, FreshBooks is the best way to go. 

To learn more about FreshBooks and its other features, visit the website at https://www.freshbooks.com.