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Can Xero users benefit from using FreshBooks?


Some small business entrepreneurs and freelancers might be using Xero as their cloud-based accounting software because of its user-friendly interface and full accounting features. But do they really need it, especially if they are just starting out?

In this article, we will show how Xero users—especially freelancers and small business owners—can benefit more with FreshBooks.


Why FreshBooks is Better

New businesses and freelancers don’t really need to use full accounting features. When starting out, they only need to send out invoices and generate income and expense reports. One great thing about FreshBooks is that it helps users with a step-by-step walkthrough so it is simple to understand. It won’t be confusing to a first-time user especially someone who doesn’t have a background in accounting. 

Unlike Xero, FreshBooks has a built-in time tracking feature which is very helpful in billing clients based on how much time has been spent on a certain project. This feature compiles the hours worked on a project into a simple invoice. If working with a team on a project, time tracking is a great way to monitor expenses and progress by all the individual members. FreshBooks also automatically records all accounting tasks which would give the user more time to focus on their ongoing projects. 

This accounting software has award winning customer support for any problems a freelancer or entrepreneur might encounter. FreshBooks and Xero both have free online support, but the former has free telephone support with no questions asked. FreshBooks users love its excellent customer service through phone.

In terms of pricing, FreshBooks’s 30-day free trial allows the user to examine the different pricing plans to find the most suitable one for them. Unlike Xero which bases its pricing plans on the number of employees in payroll, FreshBooks bases its pricing plans on the number of active clients. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a certain function or service if you have a cheaper plan; all functions of FreshBooks are the same throughout all of its pricing plans. 


Is it Time to Switch to FreshBooks?

Yes, definitely. While both are already well-known in the online accounting software scene, FreshBooks will definitely make accounting easier for you. The best feature of FreshBooks is that it allows you to track your billable hours. Its pricing is even better because you can customize and send unlimited invoices even if you only have the cheapest pricing plan. 

Although it can be said that FreshBooks is not a full accounting software package, it still is a must-have for small, starting businesses and freelancers who bill clients by their time and expertise. Everything is made easier by the expense tracking and simple generation income reports. With it, you can already project and estimate budgets that will be ideal for the direction of your business. 

If you want to try out FreshBooks, you can sign up and enjoy their 30-day free trial so you can see how each pricing plans work and which among them suits your business.