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In order to enable data sharing between QuickBooks Desktop and online applications from the web, Microsoft developed a Windows application called QBWC (QuickBooks Web Connector). Web Connector integrates with any QuickBooks Desktop application that uses QuickBooks SDK or QuickBooks POS SDK. This free to download software is available on Intuit’s Developers website and is available to anyone. However, there are still a few errors that users have to deal with after downloading the software.


Two Basic Types of QuickBooks Web Connector Errors

There are two basic errors when dealing with QuickBooks Web Connector. The first type of error originates from your application and is reported directly to QuickBooks Web Connector. This error is driven by the actions you take inside events. For example, in the SendRequest event, you may set e.Request to an empty string in order to signify an error. QuickBooks Web Connector will see this and make another call, and the GetLastError event will fire. GetLastError is fired when QuickBooks Web Connector is asking for error information from your application. Here’s where you provide details about the error.

The second type of error is a communication error between QuickBooks Web Connector and QuickBooks itself. When this happens, QuickBooks Web Connector will make a call, and the ConnectionError event will fire with information about the error received from QuickBooks.

Sounds complicated, right? 


The Disadvantages of QuickBooks Online

If your accounting needs are basic and you don’t need extensive invoicing options, then QuickBooks Online can definitely be overwhelming, with a steep learning curve. If you just need software to keep track of invoices and expenses for tax time, then maybe trying something else is your best option. Here are just a few disadvantages of QuickBooks Online.

    • No free payroll capabilities. QuickBooks offers payroll but at a hefty additional price. If you need a payroll program, utilizing a different program may be more cost effective. QuickBooks Online charges a monthly subscription plus an additional fee per employee per month.
    • No project or time management features. QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer project management tools, and time tracking features are pretty limited.
    • Lack of industry and business-specific features like tracking, eCommerce, and barcode scanning.


  • Lack of key reports outside of accounting. Key reports can be a vital key if you want insights into your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall potential success. Unfortunately QuickBooks does not provide extensive reports on all company data.
  • Errors and system crashes. As mentioned above, there are quite a few bugs and errors that you may have to deal with while using the program.
  • Lack of direct professional support. Because QuickBooks is such a large product, it’s difficult and time-consuming to get one-on-one support from a human being, which is frustrating.
  • File-size issues. There are limitations to how large certain files can be.
  • Limitations on the number of users. If you want to add more users, you have to pay for additional subscription fees.


Are You Tired Of Dealing With QuickBooks Errors?

Although its features aren’t as extensive as QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks is a top competitor, especially for freelancers and the self-employed. What sets FreshBooks apart the most are:

  • Time tracking. Time is money and FreshBooks makes sure you get paid for every minute spent working. They include an in-app timer in both the PC app and the mobile app. If you don’t want to use the FreshBooks app, you can use third-party apps you’re already familiar with, like Asana or Basecamp. FreshBooks will do the rest and manage the data.
    • Project management. FreshBooks makes it easier to keep everyone on the same page while working on a project. All files are stored in the cloud, so there’s no need to chase emails or make phone calls.
  • Better customer support. FreshBooks understands the importance of speaking with a human being, which is why they provide quality one-on-one customer support. You won’t have to sift through pages of FAQs in order to get your problems addressed.
  • Frequent updates based on customer feedback. Part of what it means to have quality customer support is listening to the needs and requests of their users. FreshBooks routinely updates their software based on the feedback they receive from their customer based, creating a better user experience.


Why use FreshBooks instead of QuickBooks?

Compared to QuickBooks, FreshBooks has a smoother functional design that includes an efficient invoice-to-payment process. It also offers better customization of triggers and alerts, file management workflow, expense assigned rates, and white labeling. They also provide a more flexible and affordable plans starting at $15 per month for up to five users.

Overall, FreshBooks is an easier and smarter accounting cloud software for small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed people to use. Sign up for the FreshBooks free trial today!