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Dev Blog

24 Awesome Things While Programming

by Anton Nguyen on May 27/2011

Developers are known to swear quite excessively while programming. There are many things that can frustrate a developer – an elusive bug that can’t be found, your environment crashing or all your tests failing because of a typo. That list could go on forever.

Sometime you just need to look at the bright side. So, here are some awesome I love while programming to keep you happy on Friday!

  1. Color support for your favourite language in your snazzy new editor!
  2. Running 4000+ unit tests on a computer with SSD
  3. Refactoring a piece of code that passes all your unit tests on the FIRST try!
  4. Getting into the zone (Possibly achieved by reaching the Ballmer Peak)
  5. Working with multiple monitors
  6. Switching from svn to git
  7. Deleting a mass of code – and NOTHING breaks
  8. Finding a bug thanks to seeing the wrong color on your editor
  9. Code reviews that catch scary things
  10. Writing a  piece of code faster then you expected
  11. Thinking of an answer to a problem while in the shower
  12. Finding funny comments in the code
  13. When you’ve finally finished refactoring that last piece of spaghetti code
  14. Library updates that don’t break anything
  15. Virtual Environments
  16. Finding a vulnerability by accident and plugging it
  17. Watching a movie and recognizing the tools a hacker used
  18. Catching unmatched parentheses/brackets thanks to your editor
  19. Reaching 100% Code Coverage
  20. Reading beautiful code written by the programming gods
  21. Not having to touch your mouse
  22. The feeling when you start hacking away at a new, exciting project
  23. Being allowed to ignore compatibility for IE6
  24. Rewriting an algorithm and getting an instant performance boost