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Dev Blog

API changes for Jan 11, 2011: API on for everyone!

by Shey Sewani on January 11/2011

Santa’s late, but he still brought presents!

First, API access is turned on for everyone! Customers no longer have to explicitly turn on their API. We hope that this simplifies support for our integration partners. In particular, this will immensely help those integrations using OAuth

If you’re developing a Time Tracking application you’ll be happy to hear that the time_entry.list and time_entry.get now return a read-only ‘billed’ status field in their responses. Additionally, the time_entry API now respects the page and per_page parameters.

Finally, the ‘status’ field is now ignored by the estimate.create and estimate.update methods.

As always, if you’d like clarification on anything feel free to call or email us.