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Dev Blog

API Version 2.0: What’s new?

by vinegar on June 26/2007

Payments and Items

By being able to enter (and update) your own payments, we’ve opened the door to integration with other 3rd party payment gateways – make a transaction with your gateway, record the payment in FreshBooks.

You can also import or export your FreshBooks items. Okay, not huge, but a nice bonus.

Better data retrieval

We’ve introduced flexible methods for retrieving lists of existing FreshBooks data.

Some examples uses could be getting a list of all your invoices made during 3rd quarter 2006, or extracting a complete payment history for a particular client.

Lightweight interface

We’ve reduced the clutter. The new API requires significantly less XML to send and decode.

Better developer resources

We’ve launched this brand new documentation page, as well as a dedicated blog for keeping tabs on new API additions.