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FreshBooks @ StartUp Weekend San Fran, Toronto, NYC!

by Jamaal Montasser on May 2/2011

magic markers

StartUp weekend is a 54 hour event where developers, marketers and designers form a team to build and launch a company by the end of the weekend. They’re pretty incredible events with a lot of energy and they always yield some very interesting outcomes.

This Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be at StartUp Weekend San Fransisco! I, unfortunately, will not have the pleasure of being there, but Sunir, our Chief Handshaker, will be there and he’d love to hear from you if you’re around!

Serial entrepreneur, Steve Blank, will be speaking at the event this weekend. If you’ve never heard of him, be sure to check out his book Four Steps to the Epiphany. Blank’s book is packed with insight on how to launch a new product.

Since FreshBooks is a billing and invoicing company, it’s fitting that we will be cheering for all teams, but extra-hard for teams that will be charging their users, rather than generating revenue other ways.

In light of this, we will be giving an award at the events in San Fransisco (this weekend, May 6-8), Toronto (June 3-5) and NYC (June 10-12) to the team most likely to succeed in charging it’s users. This award includes a framed certificate (shown above) and 1 years use of FreshBooks since it’ll come in handy if you’re billing your customers!

Good luck at StartUp Weekend!