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Dev Blog

Introducing TechTalksTO

by jesse on August 25/2010

If you’ve ever been to a good developer conference you know how incredibly inspiring they can be. Hearing someone talk about the cool stuff they are working on can really inspire a developer. Inspired, the developer goes off and creates even more cool stuff. So the cycle continues and incredible technology becomes available to the masses.

One day we started thinking, why not bring a little bit of that inspiration to Toronto. In fact, we thought, lets have it in the middle of the week and in the evening so almost any developer could come. So TechTalksTO was born.

TechTalksTO will be an ongoing series of events in which we bring in inspiring tech people from all over to give a talk. We hope that the talks will help to bring together developers in Toronto and eventually grow to be an integral part of the Toronto tech community.

To start things off we are flying in Jeff Lindsay from San Fransisco. Jeff Lindsay created and was one of the first evangelists of WebHooks. He is now working over at Twilio.

Jeff is going to talk to us about WebHooks and the greater “evented web” that they unleash. There will be time before and after the talk to hang out with Jeff and your other fellow developers. There will be drinks. There may even be some snacks.

At first we were going to make this entirely free. However, with the limited space we decided to charge a minimal amount just to prevent people from taking a ticket and not showing up. I do hope you will come join us, get inspired, and continue this cycle of creating amazing stuff.

The first speaker series is happening Wednesday, September 15th at The Gladstone Hotel

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