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Dev Blog

Object URI and You

by mikeg on September 26/2008

Good day, eh.  There’s been a small update to the API that some of you might already have noticed.  We added an <auth_url /> element, in the style our existing <url /> tag, for invoices, estimates and clients.

The new <auth_url /> requires an authorized session to work, and is intended to provide an administrative link to your target object.  Since we didn’t have a client <url /> element in the client.get response, we’ve included that for consistency.

<auth_url /> will honour an existing administrative session, if you have already logged into the application in some way. It will NOT auto-magically direct you to a secure administrative page without prompting you for user and password if you haven’t already logged in.  So don’t get’em mixed.  <url /> is for client links, <auth_url /> is for you.


  1. client.get: <url /> added to response <auth_url /> added to response
  2. estimate.get: <auth_url /> added to response
  3. invoice.get: <auth_url /> added to response

Our API documentation has been updated to include this element where necessary.