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Dev Blog

Please note, links have changed.

by paul on August 25/2009

For those who do not know, we provide links to resources in the API. You can get view, edit, and client view URIs to Invoices, Estimates, and Clients through either the .list or the .get methods. Just look for the element, for instance in Invoice.list.

We do not, however, guarantee that the format of these URIs will remain constant and indeed yesterday we changed the format to be more orthogonal and secure.

For most API users, the change will be transparent. As long as you are not storing or parsing the URIs, your code will continue to run correctly. If you have been storing the URIs, please note that we are rapidly deprecating the old format. End users who follow these URIs will be notified that the link is out of date. This may not suit your desired user experience–which is an understatement.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience. However, the new URI structure is greatly improved and we feel it is worth the short term pain. Please pardon our dust, as they say.